torsdag 26 november 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to wish all of my Thanksgiving-Celebrating-Friends a wonderful Thanksgiving!
This is my first year celebrating Thanksgiving in a place where there are palm trees moving with the wind instead of rustling leaves in all colors from bright gold to dark purple. It feels strange, I must admit. But surprisingly good. And I was not really prepared for that feeling. Even though I miss fall and most that comes with that season, I've come to understand that I do appreciate the San Diegan Fall. Like strolling on the beach, facing the sun and watching some brave surfers hit the waves. Just breathing in the salt from the Pacific. Listen to the seagulls and the waves. Dressed only in jeans, sneakers and a long sleeved t-shirt. And still not feeling cold.

What I will miss most of all this Thanksgiving is our Brooklyn Family. Our dear dear dear friends with whom we have spent almost all our Thanksgivings since we moved to the US. But we will at least FaceTime. Not the same I know, but I feel truly thankful for having them in our lives, even though we have a whole continent between us. The distance in miles is far to long, but in my heart there is no distance at all.

And for all of you who couldn't care less about Thanksgiving. I just want to say, in the light of all the craziness that goes on in our world right now, try to just stop your busy lives for "a pinch of time". Close your eyes, breath in and out, feel your heart beat and think of what is precious to You. We all have so much to be thankful for, no matter what obstacles we must deal with in our lives. 

I do complain a lot in my everyday life. I know. I am sadly aware. But I am trying to cut down on that. Because I do not really like whining. At all. However, in spite of my complaining I am fully aware of what I do have and what I am truly thankful for in my life. And that is a lot. It is just that it is sometimes hard to see it. It often hides beneath all the less-important things. The every-day worries and challenges. Like treasures buried under dust. For me though, I think Thanksgiving is one of those occasions when you can actually bring out the duster. Wipe all those small gray fragments off. Or fill your lungs with fresh air and blow away all the covering dust. Open the windows and let the sun shine in on all your treasures. Yes, I think this is what the this Holiday of Thanksgiving have become to me. A little moment in time where the busy wheels are spinning a little less, creating a place and a space where I am allowed to bring my treasures out into the light. To see, to feel, to touch, to hold. And each and every time it surprises me that what I am holding is actually warm and beating. Sparkling with life. Only because these treasures are Life. My Life

*) and for all of you who may wonder why this blog post is not in Swedish I can only say that I did not realize until I had written almost all of it that I had done so in English. Strange! But it just felt natural that way I guess. Hope you do not mind.

**) The photo was taken today (with my iPhone) at Del mar Beach here in San Diego

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  1. Mycket fint skrivet!!! Happy Thanksgiving till dig med.

    1. Tack Anne! Vad glad jag blir.
      Hoppas att du får en fin Thanksgiving!